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Flood Concierge Program

Get Help Writing Flood Insurance for Your Clients

Team up with the Number One Insurance Agency to help you place your flood insurance risks. We can help take the hassle out of flood risks by creating a customized plan to assist you with each client.

How We Can Help

  • Communication:  We'll either communicate with you (the agent), or work directly with your client on your behalf. Either way, you'll receive a copy of all correspondence. 
PLUS we’ll handle...
  • Underwriting & data entry
  • Quoting (both NFIP & Private Markets, if available)
  • Proposal delivery with all necessary sign-offs & detailed instructions
  • Payment collection & delivery of the policy
  • Agent and consumer service for all policy correspondence, renewal reminders, program updates, and resources

BONUS! Marketing Resources Package

After binding your first policy as a Flood Concierge Agent, you will receive a FREE Marketing Resources Package that includes:

  • A 3-hour MAIA Flood Class with CE
  • Two Lead Generation emails for you to customize with your agency’s branding to get the word out to your clients & prospects
  • 150 Flood Stickers to use on your Homeowner Policies
  • 250 Printed Flood Stuffers to send with policy correspondence to build your book!

To learn more about how Number One can help, contact Judy Carlson at 508-634-7368 or jcarlson@massagent.com

Explore More Flood Market Options: 

Traditional Agent Access / WYO

We have relationships with carriers that provide competitive commission for those member agents that participate in our collective MAIA book of business. Learn More ...

Private & Excess Flood

We provide online integrated and online submission access to NFS Edge’s private flood market.  It doesn’t get easier than this. Learn More ...

Have a prospect? 
Get the ball rolling!

Send a Homeowners Application & Policy with pictures of all sides of all buildings.  


Call Judy directly at 508-634-7368 and get started over the phone. 

Flood Insurance Resources
Flood Application
MA Mandatory Notice Requirement: 
Flood Client Offer & Sign Off 
  • Customizable form for all personal and commercial line proposal packages.
MAIA's Flood Stickers
MAIA's Flood Stuffers

Submission Portal

Upload the insured’s application and Insured Payment Authorization Form.

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