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    Posted by MAIA on August 20, 2019


    As a subsidiary of MAIA, the Number One Insurance Agency (Number One) is here to protect and serve your agency. At the same time, any profits generated by Number One go back to support the work of MAIA. And of course, MAIA is here to protect and serve your agency. (See how that works? It always comes back to you!)  

    E&O is our lead product. In fact, Number One is the market leader for Agents’ E&O in MA. To help advance our leadership position and better serve you, Number One is looking to add an experienced account manager to our team, with a focus on Agents’ E&O. If you know of a great candidate who’s ready to join a dedicated, agency-centric organization, please share this job description and send them our way.

    Number One’s clients benefit from our longstanding relationships with top-rated carriers, 97% satisfaction rating for claims handling, and additional coverages including EPLI and data breach. Plus, when you purchase coverage through Number One, you’re also supporting yourself.

    That’s a benefit that NO ONE else can offer.

    • Encourage qualified Account Manager candidates to check out this Job Description.
    • Visit our website to learn more about our Agents’ E&O Program.
    • And if you don’t currently place your E&O policy through Number One, we’d love to prepare a quick, no-obligation quote indication: E&O Quick Quote Form.

    To learn more or get about Number One’s E&O options, contact Program Manager Donna Goncalves at or 508-634-7362.

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