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    Posted by MAIA on December 17, 2019


    With January 1st fast approaching, MAIA has been fielding lots of questions from MA agents! ACORD and some of the agency management system companies are still finalizing the logistics, and they assure us that despite any authentication problems, MAIA/Big “I” members covered by the agreement will not have to pay the new ACORD license fee on January 1, and will still have access to ACORD forms through their AMS. 

    The Back Story

    As of January 1, ACORD is transitioning to a fee-based licensing model for accessing their forms. However, Big “I” member agencies under $50 million in P&C revenue will continue to have FREE access to ACORD forms via their AMS, thanks to a member benefit arranged by our national association, the IIABA (better known as The Big “I”).

    To be clear, if you are a MAIA member, you are also a Big “I” member, so this applies to you! 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Agencies

    In prep for January 1, please review the Big “I” FAQ webpage, which details the latest info they have obtained from ACORD. The FAQ list should answer most, if not all, of your questions!

    Where to Claim Your Complimentary ACORD License

    Agents using a management system can go to the ACORD Forms License website, scroll down to the section titled Big “I” Forms End User License, and follow a very short process to claim your complimentary license. You will then return to the management system workflow, acknowledge that you have obtained the license, and return to accessing the needed ACORD forms. This process will be required annually.

    For agencies that do not use an AMS, or whose AMS does not integrate with the ACORD system, please see the Big “I” FAQ page for details on the discount programs available to you.

    Where to Get Further Help

    More background on ACORD Forms is available at, and members can also call ACORD directly at 845-620-1700.  

    And as always, MAIA is here for you and happy to help in any way we can!


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