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    Posted by MAIA on October 15, 2019

    storyblocks-waiter-using-smart-phone-and-digital-tablet_BwZh4cWFqfThe last quarter of the year is always the busiest time of year for liquor establishments to secure their liquor liability policy as they will be required to provide to their city or town proof that their coverage is in place.

    Best TIP:  Consider Number One Insurance’s Hospitality Program

    Contact your insureds early and often to receive their Applications and Sales Verification! 

    • Need help remembering what Sales Verification methods are?  Here are some examples:
      • Print out of the insured’s Point of Sale (POS) System – Prior 12 Month Report.
      • Mass Connect – MA Online Monthly Sales Tax Report – Prior 12 Month’s Reports. Learn More:  https://www.mass.gov/business-taxes
      • Quickbook or similar accounting system printout with food and liquor sales – prior 12 months
      • Signed statement by licensed accountant verifying projected liquor and food sales

      • Signed statement by the head of a social club

      • Profit & Loss statement with Food & Liquor sales broken out

    Consider rounding your account with Property & General Liability

    • Simply submit accord 125, 126 & 140 and review applications for the following:
      • Effective Date
      • Business Income – Please indicate coverage form (co-insurance with coinsurance % or monthly limitation with monthly limitation %)
      • Ansul system – Wet or Dry? (for full cooking exposures
      • Risks with habitational exposures – Please confirm that there are hardwired, interconnected central station smoke detectors in all units and common areas.  

    Completed Apps Move Fast!

    pic1Help us help you get your Quotes as quickly as possible. Completed applications improve our ability to turn your applications into Quotes much faster. Please review for before submitting. Thanks in advance for your help!!



    How to submit your applications?


    If you have any questions, just call Lori Kane at (508) 634-7361


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