Licensed? Here’s How to Look Up CE Info, Compliance Period, Status

    Posted by MAIA on October 11, 2019

    Prometric, the organization that monitors continuing education licensing compliance for the state, made recent website updates that have left some people struggling to find their records. Never fear! MAIA members have an easy way to access CE information straight from our website, using the link called Look Up CE’s Earned. But maybe you have other questions and need to go to the Prometric site?

    Since Prometric is a global organization, it can take a little time to zero-in on the Massachusetts insurance-specific CE information, so here’s a short roadmap:

    1. Go to
    2. Under Licensee Services find Massachusetts Continuing Education and choose Online Services
    3. Once there, choose Look Up Transcript Credits
    4. Log in or create a new account to access your record
    5. Once in, you’ll just need your license number to find what you need!

    There’s a lot of good information there, so it’s worth a look. Don’t forget to bookmark the pages you think you’ll want to visit again!


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