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    Our Voices Were Heard: Over 60 Legislators Co-Sponsored Our Bill

    Posted by MAIA on February 11, 2019

    Thank you and congratulations to everyone who took prompt action last week when MAIA sent out the call to action! Your efforts urging legislators to cosponsor HD1011 / SD919, "An Act Relative to Fair and Accurate Motor Vehicle Insurance Quotes," yielded a terrific response — more than 60 legislators signed on as co-sponsors for our bill! 

    The cosponsors’ names are listed below. We encourage you to reach out and thank them for their support.

    The opportunity to co-sponsor in the House has expired, but if your Senator is not listed below, there’s still time to ask them to co-sponsor the bill!

    Thank you, again!  It’s amazing what an impact we have when we work together!

    HD1011 / SD919 Co-Sponsors:

    • Rep. James Arciero
    • Rep. Brian M. Ashe
    • Rep. F. Jay Barrows
    • Rep. Jennifer E. Benson
    • Rep. Donald R. Berthiaume, Jr.
    • Rep. Gerard J. Cassidy
    • Rep. Tackey Chan
    • Rep. William L. Crocker, Jr.
    • Rep. Daniel R. Cullinane
    • Rep. Josh S. Cutler
    • Rep. David F. DeCoste
    • Rep. Angelo L. D'Emilia
    • Sen. Diana DiZoglio
    • Rep. Carolyn C. Dykema
    • Rep. Lori A. Ehrlich
    • Sen. Ryan C. Fattman
    • Rep. Kimberly N. Ferguson
    • Rep. Carole A. Fiola
    • Rep. Michael J. Finn (Original Sponsor)
    • Rep. Paul K. Frost
    • Rep. William C. Galvin
    • Rep. Denise C. Garlick
    • Rep. Susan Williams Gifford
    • Sen. Anne M. Gobi
    • Rep. Carlos Gonzalez
    • Rep. Tami L. Gouveia
    • Rep. James K. Hawkins
    • Rep. Natalie M. Higgins
    • Rep. Kate Hogan
    • Rep. Steven S. Howitt
    • Rep. Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
    • Rep. Patrick Joseph Kearney
    • Rep. David Henry Argosky LeBoeuf
    • Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis
    • Rep. David Paul Linsky
    • Rep. Adrian C. Madaro
    • Rep. John J. Mahoney
    • Rep. Paul W. Mark
    • Rep. Paul McMurtry
    • Sen. Michael O. Moore
    • Rep. Mathew J. Muratore
    • Rep. Brian W. Murray
    • Rep. Tram T. Nguyen
    • Sen. Patrick M. O'Connor
    • Rep. Norman J. Orrall
    • Rep. Smitty Pignatelli
    • Rep. Elizabeth A. Poirier
    • Rep. Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.
    • Rep.  Allen Robertson
    • Sen. Michael J. Rodrigues (Original Sponsor)
    • Rep. David M. Rogers
    • Rep. Paul A. Schmid, III
    • Rep. Todd M. Smola
    • Rep. Michael J. Soter
    • Rep. Thomas M. Stanley
    • Rep. José F. Tosado
    • Rep. Steven Ultrino
    • Rep. Andres X. Vargas
    • Rep. Aaron Vega
    • Rep. David T. Vieira
    • Rep. Joseph F. Wagner
    • Sen. James T. Welch
    • Rep. Timothy R. Whelan
    • Rep. Bud L. Williams

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