Registry News: Online License/ID Renewal Change

    Posted by MAIA on October 23, 2017

    Registry News

    Online License/ID Renewal Change

    Effective October 21, 2017, customers will be eligible to renew their licenses or ID cards online for two consecutive renewal periods.  This will result in approximately 30,000 additional renewal transactions eligible to be processed online each month.  Fewer in-person customers will make it easier for the RMV team to attend ATLAS training and prepare for the March 26, 2018 ATLAS rollout.  This will also allow customers to keep their current photo images for five additional years.

    Licenses and ID cards will need to be renewed in person at RMV service centers or AAA locations (for AAA members) every third renewal period (once every 15 years).  Previously, licenses and ID cards could only be renewed online every other renewal period.

    To be eligible for online renewal, a customer’s license/ID card photo must be less than 14 years old and must have been taken after the customer’s 21st. birthday.

    The requirement for a vision exam will be bypassed during an online license renewal transaction exactly the same as it is currently done.  If a customer answers “yes” to the following question, he/she has attested that he/she meets the RMV’s vision standards.

    “Do you currently have at least 20/40 central vision (with or without corrective lenses) and at least 120 degrees’ peripheral vision?”

    When are Customers Not Eligible?

    A customer is not eligible for online renewal if he/she:

    • Has a commercial driver’s license
    • Needs to change his/her name
    • Does not have a SSN
    • Is 75 years of age or older
    • Has outstanding obligations
    • Would like to add a Veteran’s Indicator

    If the system determines that a customer is not eligible to renew online, the customer will see the following message (which has remained exactly the same):

    “Our records indicate that your last (Driver’s License/Massachusetts Identification Card) Renewal was processed online.  You must complete your current renewal at an RMV Service Center.  Please click here to download an application, which can be taken to the service center during your visit”. 

    Revised Documentation

    The renewal reminders that are mailed to customers will remain the same, but more customers will now receive the one indicating that they are eligible for online renewal.  Customers can also check the status of their license/ID card online and it will indicate if they are eligible for online renewal.

    Online transactions have already been revised.  The next version of the Driver’s Manual (2018) will be revised to reflect this change.


    For additional Registry of Motor Vehicle questions,

    please contact Kathy Cormier at or 800-742-6363. 

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