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    Posted by MAIA on August 13, 2019


    When MAIA’s Education Program Coordinator Emily Oliver announced that she’d be retiring from MAIA after 31 years, we were happy for her, sad to be losing a beloved colleague, and worried about replacing such an experienced and knowledgeable team member! As it turned out, the solution was already close at hand. We’re pleased to say that Colleen Lahna, longtime Program Manager for MAIA’s Number One Insurance Agency, is taking over Emily’s role in our Education Department.  And we’ve hired a new employee, Lori Kane, as a new Number One Program Manager. 

    Emily Oliver, Retiring After 31 Years

    Emily joined MAIA in 1988 in government affairs, and also served in marketing before joining the education team. “I will miss Emily’s professional expertise and the positive energy she brought into our office each day,” says MAIA VP and COO Heather Kramer. “We are so grateful for her years of service to our association. She has been a good friend and a valued colleague, and we all wish her the very best in her next chapter.” Emily’s last day is Friday, August 30. If you call or visit our offices that day and find us sniffling and tearing up a bit, just ignore it. 

    Colleen Lahna, Education Program Coordinator, MAIA

    Colleen is taking over Emily’s role after spending almost 16 years with Number One, where she covered RLI and workers’ comp before taking on the challenge of the hospitality market. “What a ride it has been,” says Ann Tobin, Number One’s VP of Agency Services! “I’m so glad that Colleen is only moving down the hall,” says Ann, “She’s here if Lori has questions, but more importantly, we still get to hear her laughter and have her on the team!” Colleen attended our most recent CIC and has been training extensively with Emily.

    Lori Kane, Program Manager, Number One Insurance Agency

    Lori joined our team a few weeks ago and has been spending time with Colleen to learn the ins and outs of Liquor Liability, General Liability, Commercial Property, and Excess Coverage, as well as private and commercial Temporary Event Policies. We know that Lori’s insurance background, great attitude, and focus on top-notch customer service will make for a smooth transition!

    Please join us in wishing Emily a wonderful retirement; congratulating Colleen on her new role; and welcoming Lori to the MAIA/Number One “family”!

    Here’s how you can now reach Colleen & Lori:

    Colleen Lahna
    Education Program Coordinator, MAIA
    508-634-7379 or

    Lori Kane
    Program Manager, Number One Insurance Agency
    508-634-7361 or


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