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    Quick Question: If someone has a suspended license can they register and insure a vehicle? I know that for insurance they would have to list a licensed driver but would the registry accept it? As always, thank you for being there!


    Kathy Cormier:  This isn’t an SR-22 or IID situation is it?

    No carrier has to write a policy in the name of someone with a suspended/revoked license...even in MAIP:

    We can cancel all or any part of this policy including your Compulsory Insurance if:

    1. You have not paid your premiums.
    2. We find that you were responsible for fraud or material misrepresentation when you applied for this policy or any extension or renewal of it.
    3. The driver’s license or auto registration of you, or any person who resides in your household and usually operates an auto insured under this policy, has been under suspension or revocation during the policy period.
    4. You fail to comply with a request for a safety inspection test for a vehicle for which total damage has been paid.

    That being said, if the client is eligible to get their license back and they are in the process of retesting they could apply for a policy with a licensed operator listed until they receive their driving privileges back...I would not the application that they are going for their driving test on whatever date and hopefully they pass...if they don’t pass, the company can cancel the policy.

    I hope this helps.

    Agent:  Thank you very much –  your answer confirms what I thought—So appreciated

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