Should I Send a 2A??

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    I have a strange situation and don’t know how or if I do a BU2A for it.

    The insured's mother has a leased vehicle that the daughter took over.  The leasing company obviously is the plates "owner" so to speak & has agreed to the change over.  They are sending a POA to them to get it done.  The daughter will be keeping the same plates on the car as the "owner" of the plates has not changed.

    The daughter is getting her own policy with our agency for this vehicle.  Her mother has a policy with another agency for the same vehicle.

    Do I send a 2A to the mothers agency with the daughter's name on it or do I send it in Mary's name if at all?

    In my 28 years in this business this situation is a first for me - I am so confused. 

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.


    Irene Morrill:  I would send a 2A and LPR signed by mother to mothers agency so they can cancel policy   The plate is issued to leading company but isn’t it in the mothers custody so she can get  insurance ?  

    Sending this to Kathy Cormier CPPL Member Relations Advocate and MAIA RMV expert 


    Kathy Cormier:  If you send a 2A in the daughters name the prior agent should not accept it.  You can’t really send a 2A in the mothers name as this is not your customer.  Once the daughter has the vehicle switched to her name, the prior carrier can see that the lessee has changed to the daughter.  The plate stays the same as it belongs to the leasing company.

    The mother should also be able to show the documentation that she received from the leasing company allowing the reassignment to the daughter.

     I hope this helps.

    Agent:  Thank you very much Kathy & Irene.  I appreciate all your help.  I hope you both have a great weekend.

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