Vehicle Sale to a Minor

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    We have an Insured who is 16 and has a valid mass drivers license.  He was trying to purchase a vehicle and the dealership is telling him he cannot register the vehicle in his name unless he is 18.  Ummm I looked in the RMV Manual and see nothing on an Age restriction.  Do you know?  Thanks!


    Kathy Cormier:   A dealer will not sell a vehicle to a person under the legal age of 18.  Usually you will see a parent purchase a vehicle and then sign it over to the minor child.   If the dealer sells the car to a minor and say they total the vehicle driving off the lot...they can give the car back to the dealer as they were not of legal age to purchase the vehicle.

    While the child can purchase an auto policy, they will have a hard time purchasing a vehicle if they are not 18...this would be for both dealer sales as well as private party sales.


    Section 85O. Contracts; age of legal capacity and liability in civil actions.  

    Section 85O. Any person who has attained the age of eighteen shall have full legal capacity to act in his own behalf in the matter of contracts and shall be liable in any civil action for breach thereof.

    I hope this helps.

    Agent:  Yes it does...Thanks!

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