Resident Benefit Package

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    This has nothing to do with an auto policy  , but perhaps you can direct me to someone else.   We have a client that is renting and has purchase a tenants policy thru our agency, but has received  a letter from the property management  company explaining that they have to purchase a resident benefit package thru  their management company.  Is that legal ?  


    Irene Morrill:  I don’t know what a “resident benefit package” is and I don’t know if requiring such a product is legal if they can ONLY buy it from that management organization. 

    Dan do you know if such a requirement is legal?

    Dan Foley:  I never heard of a resident benefit package, so I don’t know if it is legal for the property management company to require the residents of an apartment complex to purchase such a package.  Unless I saw what this benefit package entails, I wouldn’t know if it is legal.

    You would think that so long as the tenant provides the management company with a tenant’s policy, that would be sufficient. Where we live, we have to provide the management company a copy of our tenant policy DEC page and requires that we have at least $100,000 in personal liability coverage. But we can purchase the tenant policy through our own insurance agency.

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