UM/UIM Coverage on Umbrella

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    I have an insured that is inquiring about UM/UIM coverage on umbrella policy.

    He currently has his limits maxed out on his auto policy but he wants more coverage!

    His friend was in an accident with a driver that had state minimum coverage and I guess his limits were not very good either. His friend now has over $500,000 in medical expense and apparently his lawyer is telling him there is nothing they can do as she works a minimum wage job & has no assets. Now he is afraid this will happen to him.

    My question to you is, from what I am finding none of the standard market carriers offer this coverage/endorsement on the policy.  We have found an excess carrier (USLI) that offers the coverage for a very low premium however the premium for the umbrella itself is over double what he is paying now.

    Can you please advise what you know about this coverage/endorsement on an umbrella policy? 

    My understanding of an umbrella policy was to protect you when you are liable, not to protect you when someone else is?

    I have done some research and found it is offered in other states, but found nothing on MA.

    I would appreciate any information you could provide!

    Have a great day


    Irene Morrill:  I am a HUGE fan of buying UM/UIM in the PUP.  I live in NH and it is a required offer and I purchase it.  I asked the RLI department at MAIA and they said it is available in the RLI policy …for a fee

    I think I have “heard” that does also but I can’t guarantee it or what else the policy does or doesn’t do. 

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