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    Good Morning Irene,

    I have a question for you.

    My insured has a private passenger auto policy; they need to rent a handicap accessible van for a 24 hour period.  The company they are renting from advised them they do not provide insurance coverage, and my insured needed to contact us for coverage.

    I checked with the insurance company my insured is with and they indicated – see below:

    Because the vehicle is not a replacement of what is currently on the policy – and I don’t think the vehicle would qualify under a personal auto policy the Mass auto policy would most likely decline coverages to this non-owned vehicle

    Do you have any idea on where or how my insured can obtain coverage for this rented van?  During the rental time; my insured’s vehicle will not be driven or in use.

    Please advise.

    Thanks Irene. 


    Irene Morrill:  A handicapped van that that has a physical damage rating symbol …but is merely “outfitted” for handicapped individuals could be insured under a MAP if “owned”. 

    It does NOT have to be a “replacement vehicle” for the MAP to respond ...if it is a replacement vehicle it fits the definition of “your auto” …which can be a “good thing” …but the Map also covers the “just because situations”

    Whether or not one COULD insure it under a MAP …

    Parts 4,5 only require you be “legally responsible” and are not restricted to a type of vehicle
    Part 6 states it covers you when occupying another vehicle …which it is
    Part 7 and 9 …does say it applies to “your auto” …which this is not and “other private passenger autos” …this is a restriction that Parts 4,5,6 do not state.  Is a handicapped van a “private passenger auto” …that is a company question … Many carriers state that if it qualifies under rule 27 – definition of private passenger auto …then they consider it a “private passenger auto” …others state …if we’d insure it under the MAP then it’s covered and others say …”car-type” vehicles.

    So it is physical damage coverage that is in question.

    I “assume” the renter has insurance … and if you are a permissive user …then their coll/comp should apply.

    Other than that …I have no idea how to “guarantee” coll/comp when renting a handicapped vehicle.  Plus the MAP has an exclusion for custom equipment in a pickup or van and THAT can be a problem for all the equipment necessary to make it a “handi-capped van”.  If it were under a MAP then one would add the custom equipment endorsement …when it isn’t owned …one hopes the owner’s insurance pays.

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