Carrier Refusal and/or Delay to Cancel Policy 2A

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    We've been having difficulty at times getting a particular Carrier to cancel a Policy or removing a vehicle on a Policy per 2A-Transfer of Insurance form being provided to them (via email) after (2), (3) & sometimes (4) requests (We do not represent the Carrier).  Is there any MA Statute that we can refer to them per their refusal/poor service in cancelling a Policy per our requests in a reasonable time frame?  Also-are we correct that they have a duty to report to the RMV of MA UVH screen that the Policy applicable to a vehicle is cancelled?

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    Irene Morrill:  I’m sending this to Kathy Cormier, CPPL, Member Relations Advocate, who is the MAIA RMV expert.

    Kathy, can you help.  Can’t wait to hear who the carrier is 😊

    Kathy Cormier:  I have two bulletins from the DOI on Transfer of Insurer and both are in effect...

    1. This talks of the form that must be accepted:
    2. This talks of the time frame for the form to be sent:

    If the carrier is refusing to take the form and it fits the guidelines, we can file a complaint with the DOI.  You would need to give me the full details of what is happening.

    I hope this helps.

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