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    Two questions:

    1)We have an Insured who has a motor home. When he travels with his motor home he pulls his car with a car trailer. He calls it a trailer for a front wheel drive vehicle which he drives up onto and secures the vehicle to while he pulls it.  He said a couple years ago he was told that he did not need a trailer reg for this trailer.  Could this be accurate?

    2) Same Insured has  a log splitter. He asked if this needed to be registered. He pulls this behind his truck as well  at times on the public streets maybe to help a friend out etc. I would think it would but…

    Please advise on both matters. Thanks so much!


    Kathy Cormier:  1) Is this a tow dolly where the two back tires are on the ground?  If this is the case, then the car needs to have a valid registration and the tow dolly is not subject to registration.  If this is a trailer where all four wheels of the vehicle are up off the ground...yes it is a trailer and requires a proper registration.  

    2) If the log splitter is permanently attached to the “trailer” it requires a plate registration.  If it is not permanently attached then the trailer that it is sitting on must be registered...see attached.

    I hope this helps.

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