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    The insured had recently put a Purple Heart plate on the 2006 BMW and was notified that he can only have 1 Purple Heart Veteran plate. He already has 2 Purple Heart Veteran plates on 2 other vehicles.

    I don’t see anywhere in the Registry that an insured can only have 1 purple heart plate at a time.

    Can you please help me with this one too???


    Kathy Cormier:  He is eligible for 1 set of plates for each purple heart received.  So if he had 2 purple hearts, he could get two sets of plates. 


    Purple Heart plates feature a replica of a Purple Heart medal.

    NOTE: For Active Duty Members of the Military, the word Veteran on the plate will be covered by a decal that is labeled Active Duty.

     Eligibility: Veterans: Purple Heart plates are issued to veterans who have been awarded the Purple Heart medal. A Purple Heart recipient must prove that he/she has been awarded the Purple Heart. Along with a completed application - http://www.massrmv.com/rmv/forms/21573.pdf, the customer must present one of the following documents to a full service RMV branch

      • A DD-214 that indicates “Honorable” in the Character of Service box (which will not always be located in the same place on the form).
        Note that only the long form (full page) DD-214 is acceptable; the short form (half page) cannot be accepted.
      • A DD-215 (which is an amended version of the DD-214) that indicates an honorable discharge.
      • An Honorable Discharge form (this was used during WWII and the Korean War).

    Regardless of what document is presented, it must state Honorably Discharged and awarded medal.

     Active Duty Members of the Military:

    To be eligible for these plates, a customer must be on active military duty in the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard (including National Guard or Reserve on active duty) at the time of application and he/she must have been awarded the medal for the plate he/she is applying for. Along with the completed application - http://www.massrmv.com/rmv/forms/21855.pdf the customer must send the following documentation to the Special Plates Department:

      • A photocopy of his/her current vehicle registration
      • A photocopy of his/her current Military ID Card (and a document to satisfy his/her “active duty” status if not on the card)
      • A photocopy of the document awarding him/her the specific medal for the plate being applied for Purple Heart recipients are eligible for one set of plates for each Purple Heart he/she received.

    Fees: There is no fee.

    Renewal: The plates need to be renewed every two years.

    Available At: Purple Heart plates are available at any full service RMV branch. http://www.massrmv.com/BranchMap.aspx

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