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    We received a  printed and signed narrative from an insured requesting the cancellation of his auto policy (see attached).

    Something in my fading memory bank makes me think that this could be an acceptable means to cancel vs a 2A?

    Do I need a refresher?

    Appreciate your time.

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    Kathy Cormier:  The policy allows the customer to give the company/agent 20 days written notice to cancel a policy.  So if the client cancelling the policy and not turning in the registration the 20 day notice works.


    Cancellation of this policy is something you should ordinarily have no reason to worry about.

    You can cancel any of the Optional Insurance Parts at any time by giving us or your agent
    at least 20 days written notice. Because all of the Compulsory Insurance Parts are required,
    you cannot cancel any of them separately. You can, cancel all of the policy by giving us or
    your agent at least 20 days written notice.

    If the client is replacing coverage with another company, the carrier that is writing the business must send a Transfer of Insurer form and update the RMV.  I’ve attached the two bulletins on this for your review, the first is called 2A Notice and the second is called 2A Notice Timing

    I hope this helps.

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