Travel Trailer and No Auto Policy

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    I have a situation.  

    I have a client that works for a business and is allowed to use one of the business vehicles for her own person use.   This client just purchased a 20’ travel trailer but needs an insurance stamp on the registry paperwork to get trailer camper plate.   She got insurance thru Foremost but they will not stamp the RTA due to it is not a motorized vehicle and advised her that the insurance for the vehicle that the trailer will be trailing behind would be the one to stamp it but the vehicle that it will be trailer behind is owned by her employer, which she uses also for personal use.   It was suggested that a non-owned auto policy would apply, not sure and what carrier would do it.  I just spoke with Kathy Cormier and she said to email you.    Kathy also said that a non-owned auto policy may not extend liability to the trailer if parked in her yard and it collapses on someone.   This client also made an appointment with the registry to get registered and her appointment is tomorrow (Friday) at 4:30pm and she has no insurance stamp.  Kathy basically said no MA auto policy in her name, no stamp for trailer.  

    Thank you for your assistance.


    Irene Morrill:  This is where people need ask questions before they buy something.

    A named non-owner policy is an endorsement to a policy stating the named insured doesn’t own an auto…whether attached to the Map or PAP ..the definition of Your auto includes trailer and this endorsement restricts coverage to a newly acquired vehicle to either 14 days or 30 days depending on the edition date.

    Foremost for trailers is only physical damage coverage … and if it is a stationary trailer …they sometimes provide premises liability but not over the road liability coverage.

    One can’t stamp a trailer plate unless one has a “plated vehicle policy” in his/her name. 

    I don’t have anything good to tell you … .sorry

    Other than if she has a trusted friend or family member with an auto policy …is it possible for the title/coi to go in that person’s name so they can register the vehicle?  And then they’d need to be added to the Foremost policy

    Agent: Thank you very much for your assistance.

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