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    I was advised to reach out to you for your help.  I had a customer who stopped in yesterday to get a copy of his auto policy because he is traveling and will be renting a vehicle.  He was advised that he did not need to purchase the loss of use coverage because a MA policy must cover this.  I have attached the screen shot from Budget, the rental car company he is using, below.   Can you please help me better navigate this as I was under the impression MA auto policies do not cover loss of use.


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    Irene Morrill: I am stunned that some fool at Budget put that together – especially capitalizing MUST.

    Under the 2008 MAP if one knew exactly what to say one could get loss of use covered …but you had to know exactly what to say and unfortunately w/in the last year some rental place suing Commerce …didn’t and screwed that up with a MA court case.

    Under the 2016 MAP there is stronger but new language suggesting that loss of use will NOT be paid. 

    There is no law requiring a company to provide this coverage.  The National PAP does cover loss of use in the “transportation expense” coverage but in MA our Sub trans only covers the “your auto” designated on dec page.

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