Accident Forgiveness

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    Accident do we know now the carrier filed with the Division of Insurance?
    This may sound stupid on my part but if I have a customer who has the accident forgiveness on their auto and have kids on that policy (which I know it applies to them as well) and one of those kids has an accident that is forgiven on that policy with that carrier. Now if we write a new auto policy for one of those kids and add the accident forgiveness (because we are able to) knowing that kid has a forgiven surcharge with the same carrier we are writing them with. Does the accident forgiveness still apply for that driver? Same carrier written type deal??


    Kathy Cormier:   Companies that offer accident forgiveness have different guidelines on how they apply.  We collect the company filings here at MAIA and if you go to our website and look under "Resources" and then "Technical Resources" you will see a link for Company Filings.  You can look up the carrier in question and see how they filed the rule.

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