Tutoring & Mentoring Services

Create a Tutoring & Mentoring Services Plan for newly hired employees. Each plan is tailored to meet your needs and agency's mission, and includes training by some of the best instructors available! Perfect for employees with little insurance knowledge.

Businesses that invest in employee training see results in the following ways:                                            

  • Increase productivity and performance improvement at a faster pace
  • Provide stricter adherence to agency policies and work flow at a faster pace
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee morale and retention  
  • Increase Revenue!  

Avoid the costly mistakes many agencies make with new staff members including:

  1. “Initiation by Fire” … Without a proper training and support, the least expensive training model quickly becomes the most expensive way due to errors and turnover.
  2. “Rely Solely on Existing Staff” - While knowledgeable staff members can assist in training, it also means interrupting the agency's daily workflow, losing productivity, and has the potential to frustrate valuable long-time employees.

Instead, create a customized Tutoring & Mentoring Services plan with MAIA’s Education. To get started:


First, establish what training is needed/wanted. Consider...
  • What is the desired focus - Personal Lines or Commercial Lines?
  • Do you want them licensed?
  • Do you want them to get the state required training in Fraud and Flood?
  • What product training is needed? (Insurance Basics: Homeowners, Auto, Commercial Property, Commercial General Liability etc...)
  • Do you want an educational plan established for them at the end?
  • Do you want access to continued mentorship?

Then, set up a time frame to get the needed training accomplished. Consider...

  • How many days of the week, how many hours in the day do you want them to be with their tutor/mentor?
  • How long would you like the training to be?
  • Do you have one or two new employees that you are going to put through this? (Up to 2 can participate at the same time)
  • Do you have other employees who could perhaps benefit from one of the topics chosen; if so, they could join in during that time so keep their schedule in mind also.

To create a plan, contact:

Emily Oliver, Education Manager

508-634-7379 (direct)



Member Cost for 1 or 2 People:
$350.00 -  3 Hours (minimum /day)  
$675.00 -  6 Hours (working lunch, if needed)

Additional individuals: 
$60/person for a 3 Hour Program
$100/person for a 6 Hour Program

Includes professional instruction and all expenses except, if needed, hotel accommodations and/or travel other than by car.
CEUs may or may not be available based on the program. 
CEU fees are additional.


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