Accredited Insurance Lines Professional (AILP)

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MAIA's Designation Program for Insurance Agency Professionals

MAIA has developed a high-caliber educational curriculum for serious insurance agency professionals seeking to pursue a premier designation: Accredited Insurance Lines Professional (AILP).  AILP courses are appropriate for Agency Producers, Account Managers, CSRs, Underwriters, Adjusters, or any insurance agency employee who wants to build a solid base of practical knowledge to facilitate their career performance and advancement.

AILP designations are available at three levels – the complete designation, which covers both Personal and Commercial Lines, and two monoline options:

  • AILP – Accredited Insurance Lines Professional [Complete]
  • AILP/PL – Accredited Insurance Lines Professional / Personal Lines only
  • AILP/CL – Accredited Insurance Lines Professional / Commercial Lines only

Participants should have at least two years’ experience in the field of insurance and have completed beginners’ insurance courses in the fundamental topics (or have a producer license).

Benefits of AILP Training

  • Employees: Enhance your knowledge, confidence, and work performance while at the same time strengthening your career prospects.
  • Employers: Gain skilled and proficient insurance personnel who retain and attract clients through their capable daily interactions and communications. Errors and omissions may be reduced due to more knowledgeable and skilled employees.
  • Clients and Business Partners: Enjoy professional business relationships and peace of mind through contact with knowledgeable professionals.

Course Requirements

The AILP curriculum includes both Fundamental* and Core** Courses. The complete designation (AILP) requires successful completion of all Fundamental PL and CL Courses AND all Core PL and CL Courses. A monoline designation (AILP/PL or AILP/CL) requires successful completion of all Fundamental and Core Courses in the desired line. Certain coursework completed for other designations or certifications may count toward your AILP designation. View Exemption Criteria.

Personal Lines (PL) Courses

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AILP - Fundamental Homeowners Coverage 
AILP - Fundamental Massachusetts Personal Auto Coverage
AILP - Core Personal Residential Issues I
AILP - Core Personal Residential Issues II
AILP - Core Miscellaneous Personal Issues
AILP - Core Massachusetts Personal Auto Issues I
AILP - Core Massachusetts Personal Auto Issues and Other Exposures II

Commercial Lines (CL) Courses

Click the class title to learn more or register.

AILP - Fundamental Commercial Auto Coverage
AILP - Fundamental Commercial General Liability Coverage
AILP - Fundamental Workers Compensation Coverage
AILP - Fundamental Commercial Property Coverage
AILP - Core Commercial Liability Issues I
AILP - Core Commercial Liability Issues II
AILP - Core Commercial Property Issues
AILP - Core MLIS EPL Understanding the Exposures and Insurance Coverage (IRMI course presented through MAIA)
AILP - Core MLIS Cyber and Privacy Liability Exposures and How to Insure Them (IRMI course presented through MAIA)

*Fundamental Courses:  Intermediate-level courses that address and reinforce essential information necessary to tackle the daily needs and issues in the average consumer’s insurance portfolio. Fundamental Course requirements may be waived for certain participants. View Exemption Criteria.

**Core Courses:  Intermediate- to advanced-level courses that enhance the participant’s understanding of common problems and issues, building their insurance knowledge and expertise over both competitors and coworkers. View Exemption Criteria .

Course time runs 8:00 am to 4:00 pm., including a one-hour essay exam at the end, centered on material presented that day. 

Timing Requirements

  • To earn the complete AILP designation, when taking both PL and CL courses at the same time, all required coursework must be completed within six (6) years.
  • To earn a monoline designation (either AILP/PL or AILP/CL), all required coursework must be completed within four (4) years.
  • Once an AILP designation has been obtained, you can immediately use the designation.
  • You may obtain one monoline designation first and then add on the other to reach the complete designation.

Update Requirements 

To retain the ability to utilize the designation, the designee must perform a yearly update requirement which can include any Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS), Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS), or intermediate/advanced commercial or personal lines course offered through or by MAIA and designated as qualifying.


*Denotes required field.