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Ensuring the safety and security of your organization

MAIA has partnered with IntelliCorp Records to bring agents affordable criminal background checks. Receive a thorough picture of applicants who have access to your client's sensitive personal information.

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Discounted Background Check Package For MAIA Members

IntelliCorp helps to deliver a thorough picture of your applicant, so you’ll get a full representation of who you’re hiring based around your specific requirements and helps with state requirements that mandate criminal background checks be performed on all agency personnel that access motor vehicle records from the state of Massachusetts.

Package price is $24.95 and includes:

  • Validated Criminal Database
  • Validated Nationwide Sex Offender
  • Validated Department of Corrections
  • Unlimited Single County Searches (7 year address history)*
  • SSN Verification w/Address History
  • Government Sanctions (Terrorist Search)

Additional Contact Information:

Rob Clapacs
800-539-3717 x204
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  • *Some courts charge a mandatory fee. These are treated as pass-through fees to our clients and are clearly highlighted before processing the search.
  • Activation Fee of $125 is waived for member agencies.
  • Additional name searches, such as maiden names, do incur an additional fee. 
    This is recommended for name changes that have occurred within the last 7 years.
    If the name change was more than 7 years ago, it is not needed.

  • For privacy and security reasons, if your account remains inactive for 15 months, it will be closed. Should it be closed and you’d like to re-open an account in the future, please note that you may be subject to a reactivation fee and proceed through our credentialing process.

*Denotes required field.