CISR HS - Life & Times Mike Millennia - PL Acct Development


This course is geared towards students who have a good level of understanding of personal lines policies and want to dig deeper by examining a personal lines account development scenario.

This course can be taken by anyone however it also is it also part of a National Designation program called the Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) program and will update that designation if you already have it. If you are interested in seeing the courses involved and earning the designation, that information can be found HERE.


  • Part 1 - Teenage Years:
    • Licensing laws: state laws and parental responsibility, laws v policy coverage
    • Proper rating / vehicle in parents names
    • Mike gets own policy
    • Mike goes to college
    • cell phone use - potential problems for parents and Mike
  • Part 2 - Energetic Early Twenties:
    • BMW grad present
    • Grad School is next
    • Apartment Rental
    • Girlfriend drives car / Mike buys motorcycle
    • Engagement Ring - who insures?
    • Buy a condo and live together -what is covered and by whom?
  • Part 3 - Thriving Thirties:
    • Marriage - insuring the celebration
    • Purchases a home
    • Business in the home
    • Children arrive ... hires a nanny
  • Part 4 - Fabulous Forties and Philanthropic Fifties:
    • Vacations - rents jetskis, cars
    • Volunteer activities
  • Part 5 - Satisfying and Serene Sixties:
    • Snow bird ... second home
    • Trusts and the Auto & HO policy

REGISTRATION:          7:00 a.m.

CLASS TIME:               8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


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