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As of June 2020

The following are the filings made by MAIP.

Filing Identification No. Materials Included Effective Date




Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Manual – Private Passenger – Residual Market (complete manual)

    • Rule 4. Standard Procedures
    • Rule 7. Policy Period
    • Rule 28. Private Passenger Classifications


  • Base rates by coverage have been modified to reflect current loss experience. Medical Payment rates remain unchanged.
  • Rating territories are unchanged.
  • BI, PDL, U-1 and U-2 increased limit factors have been updated for vehicles other than Motorcycles.
  • Deductible relativities are unchanged.
  • Model year/VRG relativities are shifted by year, but the relativity factors are unchanged.
  • The VRG Assignment By Price Table is unchanged.
  • The Stated Amount Divisor Table is unchanged.
  • The Stated Amount Rates have been updated.
  • Miscellaneous rating factors are unchanged (RS-1).
  • Towing and Labor and Substitute Transportation are unchanged for vehicles other than Motorcycles.
  • The commission schedule for assigned risk business is unchanged.
  • A footnote that was inadvertently dropped from prior years rate pages was added relating to the Stated Amount Comprehensive rate factor for C.A.C. with M.M.&V. (Page R-43)
  • The motorcycle rates have been updated. Changes include base rates, ILF’s, deductible buy-back charges, age/rate factors, towing and labor, and substitute transportation.
  • The approved motorcycle training sites have been updated.

Markup of changes

06/01/20 New/Renew




  • Complete Manual of Rules/rates
  • Rule 4 – Updated procedural language in 4.A.1., from “insurer must mail” to “insurer shall provide”.
  • Rule11 – The reference to the anti-theft discount has been removed.
  • Rule 19 – The reference to the anti-theft discount has been removed.
  • Rule 23 – The references to the anti-theft discount has been removed. The anti-theft device and vehicle

recovery systems categories have been moved from Rule 54 to be used in conjunction with the extra-risk

rating procedures.

  • Rule 43 – The paragraph related to the anti-theft discount has been deleted, as the reference in the manual

to the anti-theft discount has been deleted.

  • Rule 44 – The paragraph related to the anti-theft discount has been deleted, as the reference in the manual

to the anti-theft discount has been deleted.

  • Rule 54 – This Rule has been removed, as it is no longer applicable for the anti-theft discount to be used in

the residual market.

Markup of Changes

05/01/19 New/Renew 





  • Massachusetts Auto Policy (2016 Ed.)Manual of Rules & Rates
  • Rule:
  • Rule 2 – Coverage and Limits – the reference to the medical payments endorsement has been removed.
  • Rule 28 – Private Passenger Classification – Part B.2. Excluded Operator has been modified to align with the changes to the Operator Exclusion Form M-106-S (Ed. 02-17).
  • Rule 29 – Personal Vehicle Sharing Endorsement – This rule has been deleted as the text of the Personal Vehicle
  • Sharing Endorsement has been incorporated into the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Policy.
  • Rule 31 – Transportation of Fellow Employees – the reference to the endorsement titled transportation of fellow employees, students or others has been removed.
  • Endorsements – Eliminated Medical Payments M-109-S, Personal Vehicle Sharing Exclusion M-0108-S and
  • Transportation of Fellow Employees, Students or Others M-0004-S.
  • Endorsements – Actual Cash Value Endorsement updated to Massachusetts Mandatory Endorsement M-0099-S (Ed. 12-16).
  • Endorsements – Operator Exclusion Form updated from Ed.04-08 to Ed.02-17.
  • Policy and Forms – Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Policy updated from 2008 Ed. To 2016 Ed.
  • Policy and Forms – Notice to Policy Holders 2016 Ed. has been added.
  • Policy and Forms – Statutory Notice of Cancellation updated from 2008 Ed. To 2017 Ed. 
Markup of Changes






  • Complete Manual of Rules and Rates
  • Memorandum of Changes marked up
  • Model Year/VRG Relativities
  • Territory VRG
02/01/18 New/Renew




  • Complete Manual of Rules/Rates Private Passenger – Residual Market – 10/01/16

Markup of Changes:

  • Rule 2. Optional Insurance Coverages
  • Rule 4. Standard Procedures
  • Rule 17. Substitute Transportation – removed Motorcycles
  • Rule 22. Vehicle Rating Group (VRG) Program
  • Rule 23. High Theft Vehicles
  • Rule 29. Personal Vehicle Sharing Endorsement
  • Rule 33. Towing and Labor Costs
  • Rule 44. Motorcycles, Motorscooters, Mopeds and Similar Motor Vehicles
  • Rule 56. Merit Rating Plan
  • Private Passenger Endorsements – Alphabetical Index
  • Private Passenger Policy and Forms
10/01/16 New/Renew


  • Rating Territories

Markup of changes

07/01/15 New/Renew



  • Notice of Expiration of Policy Assignment – MP 00 02 10 13


  • Rule 4. Standard Procedures
    • B. Expiration of Assignment
04/15/14 New/Renew

Complete Manual of Rules/Rates
Rules: 20, 22

 10/01/13 New/Renew
Motorcycle Rates - See filing above #129028398 for detail
10/01/13 New/Renew
 Rates 10/01/12 New/Renew

Forms & Endorsements

  • MA Mandatory Endorsement - ACV
04/01/12 New/Renew
Complete Manual
Rules: 11, 14, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 32, 34, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 50
04/01/11 New/Renew

Rule 43
Misc. Motor Vehicles

08/01/10 New/Renew
Initial Filing Complete Manual
04/01/09 New/Renew

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