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Ad Campaign ImageMAIA's 2019 digital ad campaign runs on Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, Hulu, and other digital channels, targeting potential MA insurance seekers with bold, edgy ads promoting the value of local independent insurance agents in Massachusetts. MAIA developed the campaign to raise awareness and generate leads for our members. The ads direct consumers to the members-only Independent Agent Finder, an online microsite where they can search for a nearby agency— and your MAIA membership ensures you a profile on Independent Agent Finder


The campaign basics...

Our digital ads, targeting "adult mindset millennials," direct consumers to the Independent Agent Finder, a microsite that will help them find individual agents in their area.

The prospect enters some basic information and a preferred zip code, and is presented with a randomized list of MAIA member agents in their chosen area that they can choose to do business with. 

New leads generated by the campaign will be sent to the main point of contact in your member profile, and that person should  reach out to new leads as quickly as possible.

Leads are captured in two ways: through the Independent Agent Finder microsite, as well as through ads on social media. These two types of leads, Asked-For-You Leads and Asked-For-Agent Leads, will be viewable in your personalized agent dashboard. 

Asked-For-You Leads are users who selected your profile on the microsite and agreed to be contacted by you.

Asked-For-Agent Leads are users who saw an ad from MAIA on social media and agreed to be contacted by a local agent. The microsite randomly matches each of these users with a nearby agent.

For questions about the campaign or assistance with your profile please contact:

Heather Kramer, VP & COO at or 508-634-7369.
Julie O'Malley, Marketing/Communication Manager, or 508-634-7363.

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