Cyber Threats - An Unavoidable Business Risk

This full-day course is for those who wish to understand Cyber Liability Insurance and what it can offer their clients.


  • What does Cyber Liability Insurance cover?
    • Policy coverage sections & purpose
    • Broadening coverage endorsements
    • Traditional insurance/overlaps
  • Types of Security/Privacy Risks
    • Cyber facts
    • Types of Information
    • Types of cyber criminals
    • Social engineering fraud
    • BYOD-Bring Your Own Device
    • IoT-Internet of Things
    • Chip card technology
    • FTC basic recommendations
    • Cyber risk management steps
  • Privacy Laws — General, Federal, MA, RI 

REGISTRATION:         8:30 a.m.

CLASS TIME:               9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


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