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Digital Marketing Graphics Library

products_and_services_graphics_libraryYou don't need to hire a graphic designer to enhance your agency's online presence with informative, eye-catching insurance-related digital graphics.

As an MAIA member, you can purchase a library of high-quality images that you can use on social media pages, in email correspondence, or in other electronic communications. We'll email you the complete library of 24 digital images sized at 800 pixels x 800 pixels in .jpg format for $250. 

View the samples below and place your order today. For questions please contact Sheron Gagnon at 800-742-6363.

Product Price
Digital Marketing Graphics $250.00

*Subject to MA Sales Tax  

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View Samples - Digital Graphics Library  View
If You Need Wipers On, You Need Lights On
Thank You for Your Business
Tenant's Policy
Using a Car on Vacation?
Flood & Earthquake
Checked Liability Limits - Auto
Checked Liability Limits - HO
Last Time You Looked at Your Life Insurance Policies
What You Could Lose If Power Goes Out (for Businesses)
Notice for People Who Heat Homes with Oil
Why Choose An Independent Insurance Agent?
ID Theft
Water Damage, Leaks & Mold
Homeowners Compare
Special Items (HO-2011 wording)
Special Items (HO-2000 wording)
 Special Items ( HO-91 wording)  sample
 Don't Be Sued  sample
 When Buying a Car  sample
 Did You Know? (HO)  sample
 Did You Know? (Auto)  sample
 Change in Companies  sample
 Homeowners: Potential Workers Comp.  sample
 Is Your Home Construction Up to Code?  sample
 Is Your Commercial Building Up to Code?  sample
 Drivers License: Birthday Reminder  sample

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