E&O Risk Mgmt: The Challenge of Change I (video)


This course is geared towards all agency personnel who need to know how to prevent E&O exposures in the office. This is a VIDEO presentation.

By attending this seminar, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions & Utica Policyholders may meet the educational requirements needed for a possible discount on their E&O policy! Please contact the Number One Insurance Agency for details at (800) 742- 6363.


  • Review the concepts of the law of agency including how the agency relationship is established.
  • Explore key provisions of agency agreements that could create potential E&O exposures and review some E&O considerations in working with carrier underwriting guidelines.
  • Identify both the general state and federal laws that effect all insurance agency operations.
  • Explore how an agent’s standard of care is determined along with key components for determining negligence on the part of the agent.
  • Review the exposures that may cause an uncovered claim, supported by current statistics, in order to identify those areas that require a focus of risk management efforts.
  • Review some of the key considerations affecting an agency faced with a potential E&O claim.
  • Understand the need to document, what is meant by “good documentation,” the advantage of using disclaimer language and other key documentation points.
  • Review how risk assessment questionnaires and coverage checklists can play an important role in providing another layer of defense for an agency against some of the more common E&O allegations.
  • Explore areas in the agency’s daily operations that may open the agency up to an E&O loss.
  • Review some of the E&O exposures  with the use of social

REGISTRATION:          8:30 a.m.

CLASS TIME:               9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


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