Private & Excess Flood Markets

Private & Excess Flood Insurance Markets and Resources for Members of MAIA

The Number One Insurance Agency  provides online integrated and online submission access to NFS Edge’s private flood market.  NFS Edge is a private flood market that is integrated within The Hartford Flood’s online platform designed to save you time and provide additional options for your clients. It doesn't get easier than this. 

Note: An agreement with NFS Edge is required to place business through this market.

 EZ Flood – ‘A’ Zone Residential Enhanced Coverage

EZ Flood is designed for residential properties in ‘A’ flood zones, and offers simplified processes and underwriting.  When quoting a risk that fits EZ Flood eligibility, The Hartford’s WYO Website will automatically direct you to this Private Flood Market Product.



 Excess Flood Coverage

The Excess Flood Plan offers higher limits of flood coverage, so that clients are better situated to recover in the event of a superstorm.  Protect your clients and your agency.


 If the properties you insure are valued above the NFIP limits, you should be offering excess flood. 



 Additional Market
Selective Insurance Company (rated A+ "Superior" by A.M. Best) is available through IIABA.

Explore More Flood Market Options: 

Traditional Agent Access / WYO
We have relationships with carriers that provide Competitive Commission for joining their MAIA book of business. Learn More ...

Concierge Flood
We customize a workflow that fits your agency but will help with Underwriting, Data Entry, Quoting, Quote Delivery, Payment Collection, Policy Delivery and Renewal & Prospect Marketing.  Learn More ...

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