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Attract New Employees to Your Agency Through Internships


Download Internship GuideMAIA is pleased to offer this FREE Agency Internship Guide from our partners at InVEST.

Independent insurance agency principals know all too well the difficulty in attracting and retaining qualified, motivated employees in an industry not necessarily known as sexy or exciting. A quality internship program can be a great way to attract bright, ambitious young people to your agency – and identify those you want to keep for the long term – at a far lower cost than the typical recruiting, hiring, training, and turnover cycle. An internship usually is a student’s first look at the workplace. It can be a springboard to meaningful employment in a field of interest for the student! 

The InVEST Agency Internship Guide will walk you through the important elements of internships – including issues of compensation, credit, and legal implications – and provide you with a framework for developing your own intern program.

InVEST is a national program whose mission is to educate, prepare and attract diverse new talent to the insurance industry. 

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