Hospitality Market & Temporary Events

Cover your Massachusetts hospitality clients with a policy written by Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company, Demotech Rating of ‘A Exceptional.’  Liquor Liability, General Liability, Commercial Property, and Excess Coverage is also available. Private and commercial Temporary Event Policies are available for weddings, private parties, fairs, and more. 


  • Reduced rates for Social Clubs and Liquor Stores.
  • Reduced minimum premium for package stores 1M/2M from $750 down to $675

Endorsement Changes

  • A&B without security training (written with HMIC CGL policy) 15% of base premium (min $100)
  • A&B without security training (liquor w/out HMIC CGL policy) 25% of base premium (min $150)
  • A&B with security training (written with HMIC CGL policy) 7.5% of base premium (min $100)
  • A&B with security training (liquor w/out HMIC CGL policy) 12.5% of base premium (min $150)
  • Property Damage Endorsement — The % charge has increased from 1% to 5% and the Minimum Premium has increased from $50 to $100.
  • Additional insured increased cost from $50 to $75.


As of 10/1/2018, HMIC discontinued the practice of annual audits for each Liquor Liability policy. Instead, the information needed to maintain accurate pricing has been added into their newly updated New Business and Renewal Business Applications. Agents will now receive their policy expiration list approximately 90 days in advance to allow additional time to gather the sales verification documentation from clients.  Sales Verification does not apply to auto-renewal policies and only applies to application submissions.

Program Overview

New Business Information

A completed application and payment are required to bind coverage. Completed submissions can be faxed or uploaded via our secured Submission Portal. 


Liquor Liability:

  • New Business Application
  • Temporary Event Application  
    NOTE: Temporary Event Submissions now require you to answer the following questions: 
    — Summarize Event to include what our insureds interest is.
    — Who is serving/pouring the alcohol?
    — Have the bartenders taken an Alcohol Awareness Training program? If so, what class?
    To see classes that qualify, visit and go to Policyholders Section to locate Insurance Approved Alcohol-Awareness Programs.
    — Is there a designated area for drinking and what other controls are in place at this event?

General Liability & Property:

Eligible Businesses
 Bars, Grills, Taverns, Bowling Alleys
 Stores - package stores, beer distributors, drug stores, markets
 Clubs - country, golf, civic, fraternal, social
 Restaurants, Hotels, Motels
 Manufacturers - including wineries with or without hospitality rooms
 Wholesale Distributors - including importers (no Consumption on Premises)
 Temporary Event Policies (weddings, private parties, fairs)
Coverage Features
Liquor Liability coverage with limits of $1M per person / $1M per occurrence / $2M aggregate, with no deductibles.
Comprehensive General Liability coverage with limits of $1M per occurrence / $2M aggregate, with no deductibles.
Assault and Battery coverage is available for a 10%-20% add-on with a $100 minimum. Assault and battery coverage is for the full policy limits. No sublimit applies.
Property Damage coverage can be endorsed onto a Liquor Liability policy for a 1% premium charge with a $50 minimum.
No off-and-away exclusion
Potential Credits
10% discount for clients if 100% of managers and 75% of servers participate in an approved alcohol-training program. See approved programs.
50% discount for assault and battery coverage if 100% of managers and 75% of non-management staff participate in an approved security training program. See approved programs. (Scroll down to the “Approved Security Training Programs.”)
Massachusetts Restaurant Association Members - will receive a 20% credit on their liquor liability premium.
10% discount for establishments that close by 8 pm.


Service Existing Business

Renewal Business Applications
Renewal Business Application
Commercial GL Renewal
Renewal Payment

By Mail:

Hospitality Insurance Group
106 Southville Road
Southborough, MA 01772
Please include policy number on the check.

Payment by Phone:

To make a Credit Card/ACH payment call: 877-366-1140

Endorsements, Reinstatement, Cancellation & Audit

Please forward the following requests to Lori Kane or fax to 508-634-2930 for processing:



Audit Inquiries

Signed LPR for Cancellation Requests

Certificate of Insurance

Agents may issue a certificate of insurance but we suggest making sure the policy is in force before issuing and noting your file. 


After issuing the certificate, you are required to email a copy to the Number One Insurance Agency.


Please email Lori Kane or fax to 508-634-2930. We will forward this certificate on to HMIC.

Report a Claim

To report a claim please refer the insured to their policy documentation for instructions. The Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. is not responsible for claim handling or reporting claims to the insurance company. As always, feel free to call us if you have any questions.


Email or fax to (508) 836-4640.


Program Commission Rates 

Submission Portal

Upload the insured’s application and Insured Payment Authorization Form.

Recommended browser is Google Chrome. Internet Explorer Users: Drag your file into the box above the "Upload" button.


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