Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance

The Number One Insurance Agency offers Long Term Care Insurance to all MAIA members, their employees and their clients.

A long time friend of MAIA, and a leading seller of this product line in the North East Territory, Tobe Gerard will provide a personal consultation and develop a plan to suit the needs of an individual agency owner, a group program for the agency, or as a product offering for clients. Read more about LTCi: The Most Asked Questions About Long Term Care Planning.

Risk and Myth in Long Term Care

Insurance professionals understand the nature of risk. Long term care is the greatest uninsured risk we face. Without a long term care insurance policy, the savings you’ve accumulated over a lifetime could drain very quickly, even for the affluent. 1 person out of approximately 1,200 will have a homeowners claim, and 1 person out of approximately 240 will have an automobile claim, but did you know … there is a 1 in 2 chance that you could need long term care in your lifetime!

The decision not to purchase this important insurance is often influenced by these long term care myths:

It will never happen to me!

Long term care scenarios happen to real people. At age 65, 1 out of 2 people will need some kind of long term care. Prior to age 65, you could have an accident, a stroke, MS, complications from Diabetes or Cancer...

I'm already covered!

Long term care isn’t considered medical care which means that health insurance won’t pay for long term care needs. If you’re 65 or older, Medicare limits coverage to 100 days.

My children will take care of me!

If you are lucky enough to have your adult children living near you, they are probably working full time and raising children of their own. Is it realistic to think that they can stop the merry-go-round to get off to take care of you?

My wife/husband will take care of me!

Even if your wife/husband is a nurse, a reality check finds this to be impractical and maybe even impossible. Could you physically take care of your spouse/partner alone?

It's too expensive!

Long term care insurance is one of those products that you know you should have, but can’t imagine being able to afford. The reality of the situation is that without owning a long term care insurance policy you face a serious threat to your financial independence that can blindside you.

It’s easy to put off some of our more sensitive decisions because we naturally resist a subject as emotional as long term care. If you’ve had a family member who needed care then you understand the emotional and financial toll it takes. Enjoying a long life means that Long Term Care insurance is a necessity.

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