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Live Webinars with CE

Earn continuing education (CE) credits remotely with MAIA's live webinars.

Live webinars are a convenient way to earn CE credit from your home or office computer. In order to receive your CE, there are a few requirements you'll need to meet:

  • You must be signed in before the published start time.
  • You must provide your license number and resident state.
  • You will need to respond to random attendance checks throughout the webinar.


Webinars are typically opened for sign-in 45 minutes before the start time. We recommend that you sign in at least 15 minutes prior to the published start time to help ensure a timely and stress-free process. This sign-in attests to the fact that it is you taking the webinar, and that you will be present for the duration of the webinar. To receive CE, you will also need to provide your license number and resident state.

Random Attendence Checks

During the webinar, the Course Administrator will randomly announce an attendance check and ask you to respond electronically to verify that you are present. It is imperative that you respond on time for each attendance check in order to get your CE.

Check the schedule of live webinars with CE below and register today!


Tuition for Webinars:    $75.00/member     $150.00/non-member

SIGN-IN TIME:               at least 15 minutes prior to published start time

CLASS TIME:                  varied - check published start time


Important Information

Complete separate registration for every person who wants CE and provide an email address for every person.

Important System Requirements:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • Working speakers
  • The latest version of Adobe Flash Player. (Most computers already have this so your webinar should start automatically)
  • If your internet connection is strong and the Webinar won't start or is stuck on "Loading", it's likely one of two reasons:
    • You do not have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Flash Player software. (free)
    • You are using a mobile device (such as an iPad or iPhone) that does not automatically support Adobe Flash Player. Depending on which type of tablet or smartphone you are trying to use, you may be able to download a Flash-enabling browser or program onto your device from your App Store.
  • Disable your pop-up blocker to view presentation

The DAY BEFORE the webinar, every person who has registered will receive an EMAIL with:

  • a link to MAIA's Sign-In page - once signed-in, you will be directed to a webpage where you will "Enter as a Guest" on the Adobe Connect
  • directions on how to access the webinar
  • directions on how to access the pdf handout of the program material
  • directions on the random checks that occur to receive CEs!

You MUST Sign-in before proceeding to the webinar AND all random checks are required
if you want to receive CE for the program.

The CE amounts listed are for Massachusetts, if you are from another state, please check with your state association to see what CE has been granted for the class in your state.


Classroom & Training Center Policies


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