Train New Hires and Job Changers

Train your agency's newest hires or cross-train job changers with affordable, efficient options.

Do you have a new employee who needs insurance training, or a current staff member who would benefit from some cross-training? We have several options to help you get your staff up to speed.

Businesses that invest in employee training see results:  

  • Increased productivity and performance at a faster pace
  • Stricter adherence to agency policies and workflow 
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee morale and retention 
  • Increased revenue!  

Avoid the costly mistakes many agencies make:

  • Initiation by Fire — Without proper training and support, the least expensive training model quickly becomes the most expensive because of errors and turnover.
  • Relying Solely on Existing Staff — Asking your already-busy staff to also do all the training interrupts the agency's daily workflow, affects productivity, and can frustrate valuable long-time employees.


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