PowerHouse Learning

Transform your Culture, Communication and Accountability

What does PowerHouse Learning do:

They are professional educators, mentors and problem-solvers who take on the toughest challenges to create candid relationships; identify core problems, and resolve them.

How do they do it:

Their Change Implementation Program combines high level, interactive web-based training modules, we call “clinics”, with hands-on, one-on-one personal performance coaching from our nationally recognized team.

Their team excels at:

- Strategic conversation and real world deliverables
- Leadership and Succession
- Implementation and Accountability

Why use PowerHouse instead of someone else:

Change is a tricky thing. You can demand change, expect change or avoid change. Demanding change never lasts. Expecting change without the right process only leads to disappointment. Avoiding change gets you nowhere but lagging behind.

There is a Powerhouse of strength that lies in all of us. They know how to dig deep to find out why you and your team are not moving in the direction they should for the goals and objectives you have set. Most other firms would rather abandon a project than get in the middle of the personalities, the in-fighting, the lack of productive dialog and the discouragement of what your group may be facing. Us? That is where we work best.

We get to the bottom of core issues, get everyone moving from Discussion into Action, and get some of the tangible results you seek within 30 days.

Learn more and ask your questions:

Brandie Hinen, Founder & CEO
PowerHouse Learning
(p) 208-316-7656

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