Printed Marketing Stuffers with Agency Imprint


Select from a wide variety of printed mailing stuffers that are custom-printed with your agency's contact information.  Add these customized stuffers to any communication the agency mails to insureds like statements, invoices, notices and letters.

Customized agency imprinting included in pricing.  For questions please contact Sheron Gagnon at 508-634-7378.

View Printed Stuffer Samples  Front Back 
 If You Need Wipers On, You Need Lights On  Front Back 
 Thank You for Your Business  Front Back 
 Tenant's Policy  Front Back 
 Using a Car on Vacation? (option 1)  Front Back 
 Using a Car on Vacation? (option 2)  Front Back 
 Flood  Front Back 
 Checked Liability Limits - Auto  Front Back 
 Checked Liability Limits - HO  Front Back 
 Last Time You Looked at Your Life Insurance Policies  Front Back 
 What You Could Lose If Power Goes Out (for Businesses)  Front Back 
 Notice for People Who Heat Homes with Oil  Front Back 
 Why Choose An Independent Insurance Agent?  Front Back 
 ID Theft  Front  Back
 Water Damage, Leaks & Mold  Front Back 
 Homeowners Compare  Front Back 
 Special Items (HO-2011 wording)  Front Back 
 Special Items (HO-2000 wording)  Front Back 
 Special Items ( HO-91 wording)  Front Back 
 Don't Be Sued (option 1)  Front Back 
 Don't Be Sued (option 2)  Front Back 
 When Buying a Car  Front Back 
 Did You Know? (HO)  Front Back 
 Did You Know? (Auto)  Front Back 
 Change in Companies  Front Back 
 Homeowners: Potential Workers Comp.  Front Back 
 Is Your Home Construction Up to Code?  Front Back 
 Is Your Commercial Building Up to Code?  Front Back 
 Drivers License: Birthday Reminder  Front Back 

Pricing & Order Information Qty Price
Printed Marketing Stuffers 300 $45.00
  600 $72.00
  1000 $87.00
  2000 $150.00
*custom quantities available
*subject to  MA Sales Tax & Shipping


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