Number One Insurance Agency Announces Flood Concierge Program

    Posted by MAIA on June 22, 2018

    Slider_concierge_flood_2The Number One Insurance Agency has recently announced Flood Concierge as a new addition to the suite of markets and services offered to member agents of MAIA.

    MAIA member survey results from 2017 showed high interest in a program that would assist agents with quoting and servicing flood risks. Flood Concierge is designed to do just that - remove the hassle and decrease barriers that agents face when writing flood. 

    Number One's Flood Concierge Program includes assistance with:

    • Communication: Number One staff will work with the agent or the client directly.
    • Underwriting and Data Entry
    • Quoting - both NFIP and Private Markets (if available)
    • Proposal delivery with all sign-offs needed and detailed instructions
    • Payment collection & delivery of the policy
    • Agent and consumer service for all policy correspondence, renewal reminders, program updates and resources

    As a bonus for using Flood Concierge, agents will receive Marketing Resources Package that includes:

    • One FREE 3-Hour (with CE) Flood Class with MAIA!
    • Additional free marketing support
    • Two lead generation emails for you to customize with your agency’s branding to get the word out to your clients and prospects
    • A free order of 150 Flood Stickers & 250 Printed Flood Stuffers 

    For more information on the Flood Concierge Program, visit the web or contact Ann Tobin at or 508.634.7366.


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