Gaudette Insurance Agency Gives Back with New England Pride

    Posted by MAIA on September 13, 2018

    The New England Patriots may not have won Super Bowl LII, but thanks to the Gaudette Insurance Agency, Inc., Northbridge Food Pantry still scored a notable touchdown! During this past football season’s playoffs, the Gaudette Insurance staff were given the option to represent their New England pride and wear Patriots attire and jeans on Fridays.  Employees opted in to participate by donating $5. By requiring a simple $5 donation over the course of the playoffs alone, the agency was able to collect $325. 


    Even more impressive is that Gaudette Insurance Agency then chose to match that amount and was able to raise and donate $650 for the Northbridge Food Pantry.

    They take pride in knowing while the Patriots weren’t able to bring home the trophy, even after a hard- fought season, Gaudette Insurance considered their donation as a big win for both them and the Northbridge Food Pantry!

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