Got a MA Health License? Use It to Show Clients Your Value

    Posted by MAIA on January 12, 2021

    Number One PFML ImageA great way to add value for your commercial clients is to offer them a private, stand-alone MA PFML policy at rates that are competitive with the state plan! MAIA’s Number One Insurance Agency can assist you in writing a private PFML policy for your clients with 25+ employees. It’s a win-win. They get good value for required coverage, and you add a new revenue line to your commissions.

    Our dedicated team will work with you, offering the guidance you need to help your clients meet the state-mandated PFML benefit requirements. (By the way, we can also help you with this coverage if you need it for your business if you’re located in MA and have 25+ employees!)

    Visit the Private MA PFML webpage to learn more! 

    And check out our UPDATED COMMISSION SCHEDULE to see how much you can earn as a broker on PFML and all of the other markets you can access through Number One! 

    We look forward to helping you serve your customers and protect your business in 2021!

    Ann Tobin, CIC, CISR
    Vice President of Agency Services

    Topics: The Massachusetts Agent, Number One, 2021

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