Insurmania Live! - The Big Event Trivia Game

    Posted by MAIA on September 14, 2018


    Come and test your knowledge at Insurmania Live! -- a live trivia contest - during The Big Event's Safety Zone Reception. Contestants will go head-to-head against fellow insurance professionals in an intellectual race for the grand prize of $1,000.  

    How it works... Arrive at the Safety Zone Reception and register your team of two to play. Three competing teams of two will be randomly selected to contend. Contestants will buzz in to answer questions in lightning round-fashion announced by the host. Every correct answer earns a team 100 points. The first team to reach 1,000 takes home the entire pot.


    Registration for Insurmania Live!
    Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018
    Time: Starts at 4:00pm
    Location: Outside Salon G Door
    Competitors should expect an assortment of topics including insurance, pop-culture, and the state of Massachusetts— meaning you’ll do just as well at preparing for the showdown brushing up on your commercial lines knowledge as you would on 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.'


    Every Friday starting October, we'll be testing your trivia skills on Facebook. Watch for our noon-time Facebook updates. Practice round winners of those will be eligible to win a free Amazon $50 gift card presented at the Big Event Safety Zone Reception. You'll have up to one hour to submit your answer when the question is posted! We’ll be expecting your “A” game!

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