MAIA President Testifies in Support of Compulsory Auto Insurance Bills S.368/H.118

    Posted by MAIA on October 30, 2019

    Nicktestify-CompulsoryLimtsimageLast week, MAIA President & CEO Nick Fyntrilakis testified at the State House on our members’ behalf, requesting support for the increased compulsory auto insurance limits in Bills S.368 and H.118. These bills propose increasing the compulsory bodily injury insurance limit for injury or death to one person to $50,000, and the limit for any one accident to $100,000, among other changes. As Fyntrilakis told the Committee, the higher limits “would come closer to approximating the high costs associated with serious accidents and would bring Massachusetts in line with other states who have similarly increased their limits.” 

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    Topics: The Massachusetts Agent, Government Affairs, 2019

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