MAIA's Digital Campaign is Back in Action

    Posted by MAIA on May 16, 2018


    Last year MAIA launched a digital advertising campaign to get the word out about independent agents and generate leads for your agency. We’ll be continuing the campaign this year and the refreshed campaign will launch in mid-late May and run through November of 2018.

    The campaign microsite,, helps people find and connect with agents in their area. When on the site, prospects enter some basic information and are presented with a randomized list of local agents.

    And that’s where you come in.

    Last year, over 700 agencies created profiles! As we move into our second year of the campaign, we want to enlist the remaining MAIA member agencies to create a profile if you don’t have one yet, or refresh the profile you completed last year.

    Remember - each agency location can have one profile and the personality put into each profile is what will make your agency stand out; don’t miss your chance to generate new leads.


    Give Your Agent Finder Profile a Refresh!

    1. Log In: Have the individual who set up a profile last year log in and review the information and photo.

    2. Make the Changes: Let your personality shine. Upload a photo (.jpg or .png files) and remember spelling counts!

    Need to change the individual who maintains the profile for your office? No problem, email Heather Kramer and we'll get that going for you.

    View Your Leads and Update Your Dashboard!

    This year, leads will be captured in two ways: through the micro-site as well as through ads on social media and will be view-able in your personalized agent dashboard. 

    Asked-For-You Leads are users who selected your profile on the micro-site and agreed to be contacted by you.

    Asked-For-Agent Leads are users who saw an ad from MAIA on social media and agreed to be contacted by a local agent. The microsite randomly matches each of these users with a nearby agent.

    Need a Profile? Create One! (It's worth the 15-20 minutes)

    1. Choose an Individual: Select one licensed individual to represent the agency. They will be the main point of contact for new leads generated by this campaign and should expect to reach out to new leads as quickly as possible. Agencies with multiple locations should complete a profile for each office location. (You may use different individuals or select the same person for each. Whatever works best for you.)

    2. Have Them Complete a ProfileThe designated individual should fill out a short form with info ranging from email address to favorite sport. Uploading a profile picture will make your presence on the microsite extra eye-catching.

    Know more: 

    We're always here to help make the process as easy as possible. Thank you for being a central part of our campaign.

    Download the Info - Be Part of Our Award-Winning Ad Campaign & Tips for a Great Profile

    For questions about the campaign or assistance with your profile please contact:

    Heather Kramer, VP & COO, MAIA at or 508-634-7369 OR

    Julie O'Malley,  Marketing/Communication Manager, or 508-634-7363.


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