New Insurance Apprenticeship Program Takes Aim at Talent Gap

    Posted by MAIA on February 4, 2020

    February is Insurance Careers Month, ideal timing to announce a new, national insurance apprenticeship program from the nonprofit firm Invest. With approval from the Department of Labor, Invest will now begin partnering with local Big “I” state associations (like MAIA) to develop local apprenticeship programs that will be rolled out to independent insurance agencies. Invest calls this program “truly a ‘win/win/win’ for the insurance industry, employers and apprentices.” 

    Affiliated with the Big “I,” Invest is refocusing its education mission to concentrate more directly on talent development, the top challenge facing the independent insurance community.  Invest recently released a statement explaining the new “earn while you learn” apprenticeship program that will be rolled out to states this year:

    READ THE FULL STATEMENT:  Invest National Insurance Apprenticeship Approved by Dept. of Labor




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