New RMV User Agreement Now Available

    Posted by MAIA on February 7, 2018

    As communicated in last week's Special Edition of the Registry News, the RMV has released a new user agreement. The new user agreement is being issued in the run up to the launch of Phase I of the ATLAS System; a technology upgrade that will replace the current ALARS system.

    Agencies that access the RMV database, whether directly, through a 3rd party service or insurance carrier should complete the document in order to maintain seamless access to RMV Data.

    Action Required before March 5, 2018

    To ensure that you have seamless access to important RMV data, you must review, sign, and return the Agreement for Access to Records & Data Maintained by the Registry of Motor Vehicles by March 5th. The RMV cannot provide you with ATLAS system access until your signed Agreement for Access received.
    Review the full RMV Communication and Download the Agreement


    Additional Information on Background Checks

    Also explained in last week's Special Edition of the Registry News, the new agreement places responsibility on the Requestor for properly vetting employees who will have access to RMV records – which is sensitive personal information. Ultimately, the agency would be responsible if its employee was involved in any misuse of their RMV access or data.

    According to the RMV it is not their "intention to require a new or additional background check solely for the purpose of accessing RMV data if a background check has already been completed, for example, at time of hire." At this time, the RMV is not requesting documentation regarding these checks - but rather through the Agreement - ensures that liability is placed on the end user to properly vet employees who will have access to RMV records.

    MAIA recommends that agencies perform proper background checks prior to hiring new employees and on any current employees that have not had background checks completed. This includes agencies who may not have direct access to the RMV system, but whose employees access RMV records through a third party or carrier system.

    Obtaining Background Checks 

    MAIA has partnered with IntelliCorp Records to bring member agencies affordable criminal background checks. Receive a thorough picture of applicants who have access to your client's sensitive personal information.
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    FAQ Document

    After receiving quite a few questions from members, MAIA has published a FAQ document relative to the new user agreements. Members may read through a few of the most frequently asked questions that have come up since last week.       

    For additional questions please contact Kathy Cormier at or 508-634-7353. 


     For additional Registry of Motor Vehicle questions, 
    please contact Kathy Cormier at or 800-742-6363. 

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