Policy on Outdated Residency Documents at Return Visit

    Posted by MAIA on February 1, 2019

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    If a customer applying for a REAL ID or Standard credential presents valid proof-of-residency documents upon their initial visit to a Service Center or AAA location, the residency requirement has been met for the duration of the open issuance in the system.  If the customer cannot finish the transaction at their first visit and returns after 60 days to complete the open issuance in the system, they do not need to present updated documents.


    1. A customer applies for a learner’s permit, submitting a completed application with all required documents.  That customer fails the written learner’s permit test and waits 60 days or more before coming in to take the test again.  We do NOT need to see updated residency documents as they already passed the residency requirement when they first applied.  The permit exam can simply be added to the account for the customer to try again.
    2. A customer comes in to renew their driver’s license for a Real ID.  The clerk submits the application, including scanning all of the validated documents required to process the transaction.  The customer realizes they do not have the funds to finish the transaction and leaves.  If the customer returns (even if more than 60 days have passed), no additional residency documents are required.  The only requirement to complete the transaction is to take the payment.


    • If the customer returns to complete their transaction and their address has changed since their initial visit, they will need to provide new proof-of-residency documents before the credential can be issued.

    Note: If the customer waits 2 years to return to the Service Center to finish the transaction, the system will require all documentation to be shown again as the open issuance will have expired.

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