Phil Richard Insurance Help Feed the Hungry

    Posted by MAIA on August 9, 2018

    A warm meal and a welcoming smile.  Those are two things you can expect when staff members of Phil Richard Insurance are volunteering at Ellis Square Friends, a local organization aiming to feed those who are homeless or in need in Beverly, MA. 

    “We like to consider what we do more of a hand up as opposed to a hand out.  And we treat our diners as our friends.” – Brenda Mattos, founder of The Ellis Square Friends.

    After hearing about Ellis Square Friends and their mission to help those in Beverly, employees of Phil Richard Insurance decided to take a detour to Beverly to offer a hand.  What first started out as a mission to feed the hungry out of Brenda Matto’s car has turned into an ongoing service at a local church, where those less fortunate can expect a dinner every night of the week with the exception of Saturday. In addition to a warm dinner, they hand out bagged lunches for the following day. 

    Their efforts have helped change the mentality of the community when it comes to the homeless or those in need.  Instead of asking, “how can we get rid of them?” it’s, “how can we help?” And staff members of Phil Richard Insurance are just thankful to be a part of Ellis Square Friends dinner service every Thursday night. We’re willing to bet the locals are thankful for them too!       

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