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    Posted by MAIA on November 17, 2020

    MAIA’s multi-pronged effort to help members address the talent gap includes the distribution of op-ed articles that promote independent agencies as a desirable career choice. Our most recent article, “Looking for a Stable Career in Uncertain Times? Try a Local Independent Insurance Agency,” was released to media outlets across MA, with the hope that it will be picked up and published in print or online. You can help boost this timely message by sharing the article on your agency’s social media platforms, and by sending send it to your local news sources, community groups, school career centers, and so on! 


    Looking for a Stable Career in Uncertain Times? Try a Local Independent Insurance Agency

    By Nick Fyntrilakis, President and CEO of the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents

    As Massachusetts continues to grapple with COVID-19, the public health and economic impacts of the pandemic have rightly remained front and center in the public conversation. However, if you know where to look, you can also find examples of employers and industries that are not only surviving during the downturn, but actually growing and hiring.

    Among these employers are your local independent insurance agencies. Even now, when every aspect of our lives seems to be in turmoil, we all still need to insure our vehicles, homes, and businesses against loss. When COVID restrictions were put in place, Massachusetts insurance agents were deemed essential workers. Agencies have kept their doors open (both actually and virtually) to serve their customers and their communities….   Read and download full article HERE. 

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    Looking for a stable career in uncertain times? Try a local independent insurance agency! LEARN MORE HERE. 

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