Proof of Residency Documents from the Same Source

    Posted by MAIA on June 3, 2019

    RegNews_2-IDs-ImageTo apply for a REAL ID drivers’ license or ID card, a customer must present two documents to prove Massachusetts residency.  There has been some confusion on whether these two documents can be from the same source.  This training update serves as a clarification on the RMV’s policy.

    Two proof of residency documents from the same source ARE acceptable as long as they are different accounts or policies.  For example:

    • Customer presents two insurance bills from the same insurance company, but one is for their home insurance, one is for their auto insurance, and they have two different policy numbers.
    • Customer presents two utility bills from a company (such as National Grid) that provides both gas and electricity, and they have two different account numbers.

    Exception:  Only one document issued by the Massachusetts RMV can be accepted (current license, ID card, learner’s permit, or RMV-issued correspondence).

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